Simple, low pricing, starting at $45 per benchmark.  All benchmarks are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  If you're not satisfied just email us and we'll refund your purchase.

Our benchmarks are priced on a "per benchmark, per company" basis.  For example, if you'd like to purchase the "Average accounts per sales rep" benchmark for two companies, that would be two standard benchmarks.  

$45 per

Standard benchmark


Our standard benchmarks set the standard for sales and marketing data.  

  • Sourced from the highest-quality sources (i.e. public filings) and processed using proprietary business logic
  • Hand-reviewed by members of our team
  • Delivered within two business days

Premium benchmark

When you need to go deep, premium benchmarks help you understand how the sales and marketing machine actually works.  

  • Additional insight to complement our standard benchmarks
  • Cross-checked by a network of industry and functional experts
  • Hand-reviewed by members of our team
  • Delivered within ten business days