Guide to our benchmarks

Our benchmarks reveal the sales and marketing "machine" of any public company, and cover industries from tech, to healthcare, to CPG.  Each benchmark in our database is collected from the highest quality sources including:

  • Public filings (i.e. SEC), trade publications, and top-tier media publications
  • Our network of industry and functional experts

Learn about the benchmarks we have available below.  


Learn how the best companies sell.  Design your sales force to deliver results.  Structure your sales team to beat quota time and time again.

Team structure

  • Sales force headcount per 1000 employees
  • Ratio of direct sales staff to sales support
  • Functional breakdown (i.e. sales engineering, SDRs, etc) of headcount

Sales process

  • Quota per sales rep**
  • Sales cycle length**
  • Lead to close conversion rate**
  • Average customer accounts per sales rep
  • Annual spend per customer
  • Annual customer churn

Financial performance

  • Sales force expenditure per $100m revenue
  • Sales force headcount per $100m revenue
  • Net new revenue per sales rep
  • Customer lifetime value

** Premium metrics

Sample data: Est. Percentage of "hunters" in sales force

Source: Kimono Metrics analysis


Learn how the best companies market and turn prospects into customers.  

Team structure

  • Marketing headcount per 1000 employees
  • Functional breakdown (i.e. digital, product marketing, etc). of headcount

Conversion funnel

  • Conversion rate by channel**
  • CPM and CPC by channel**
  • Conversion value**

Financial performance

  • Marketing budget per $100m in revenue

** Premium metrics


Learn how the best companies organize.  

Organizational design

  • Functional (e.g. marketing, sales, legal, etc) breakdown of headcount
  • Functional headcount per 1000 employees
  • Direct reports per manager (i.e. span of control)
  • Salary expense by function


  • Need a metric not listed here?  Get in touch and we'll help.